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Life is sometimes complex with its many twists and turns counselling can offer you a safe none judgemental place to explore those twists and turns and to make sense of the future ahead or to come to terms with your present situation.  The power of counselling can often help you to make sense of senseless times in your life providing a safe place to explore, understand and make sense of your situation.  I can offer you a warm and professional approach to work in the way that best suits your needs. I am a very experienced registered counsellor, coach, supervisor, mediator, critical incident stress responder and stress consultant. I have worked primarily within a work place setting for the NHS for many years providing support to all levels of NHS staff on a full range of issues. In addition I have experience of working with sports athletes, managers, police, military personnel and students undertaking counselling or coaching training.  I can provide support to individuals, EAPs or organisations and have experience of working with a range of issues including loss, anxiety, relationship issues, work issues and career challenges as well as personal or workplace trauma. One of my areas of expertise is stress management and I am a Fellow Member of the International Stress Management Association. I also have considerable experience in providing post incident support to teams and individuals.


I have considerable experience in providing supervision and support to experienced and trainee counsellors. I also have many years’ experience of providing training and supervision for trainee counsellors and coaches and I consider I have a supportive and nurturing approach to supporting students at all levels. I can offer experience, empathy, understanding, space, pace, time and a completely none-judgemental and integrative approach to an individual’s needs. I offer a person-centred, integrative approach according to individual needs as well as a Stress Reduction Programme including CBT coping techniques.


My coaching training (Oxford School of Coaching, London) has given me the privilege of working with individuals wishing to explore new horizons whether it is in their personal life and a journey of self-discovery or on work issues and venturing into the unknown, this includes career change or challenge, self-confidence, self-esteem and developing more assertive skills. I also provide Coaching support to athletes as I have personal experience of supporting athletes at international level.  


As a Fellow Member of the International Stress Management Association I have a vast amount of experience of providing support to individuals and groups of people (staff) experiencing stress or wishing to develop resilience to stress.  I can provide training sessions for groups of people to suit needs which can include resilience, stress awareness, risk assessment and identification of stress.  I also provide 3 day training events on Critical Incident Stress Management training delegates on how to respond and support people affected by traumatic events.